How do I update my Runn firmware?




  • Torin Caverly

    Why a video that only helps with the part of the process no one would ever get confused with instead of written directions with links.   

    So, where do I get this configurez app for my android?  It does not come up with a google play search on 4/15/2020.

    Will this fix the always  %0.00 incline bug?

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  • Erin Eskew

    The article has been updated with links to download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

    Configurez was released in the Google Play Store on 4/14/2020, we are working to see why it is not found when searching. 

    This does address the issue with ANT+ incline & cadence not working.

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  • Marc Wecker

    I just received a new Runn device. I can't update it. Device is having led lighted. I go into the application (iOS) and select the Runn device. It says the device needs a firmware update. I click update now. It starts preparing update, lights on the runn goes off then the update fails... 

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  • Scott Eason

    Marc Wecker- I have just received my Runn and that exact same thing is happening to me too.

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  • Cibulo -

    I got the same error as Marc Weker, why no reply from anyone @NPE?

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  • Fabian Åhrberg

    Update fails again and again. Tried so many different things now. Frustrating.

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  • James Snook

    This is exactly the same for me. Update fails each time and cannot access configuration etc. 

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  • Jim Shearer

    For anybody struggling to update firmware. Just received my runn. Wouldn't update firmware using Samsung s21. Installed configurez on my old amazon fire tablet and it updated firmware 1st time, hope this helps

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