Power periodically dropping to 0 on Zwift



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    Erin Eskew

    Hi Rick, thank you for sending in a support request as well! For others interested, I will post the resolution once we get this solved.

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  • Rick Sibley

    I am unable to post comments in the Support Request area.  Here is a screenshot of my Cable: 

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  • Dale Ens

    I am having the same problem with a set up that is very similar to yours - Apple TV, Zwift, Garmnin Vector 2 pedals, Garmin 830, fresh batteries. Regularly drops the signal from green flashing light on the CABLE to red flashing (single flashes) then it pops back up to a green flashing light. Apple iOS 13.4.

    Auto start works fine.

    This is extremely frustrating. Not seeing that NPE is doing much to communicate a solution. Maybe I am missing something...

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  • Erin Eskew

    Hi Dale! We have seen this be due to how sensors are assigned in CABLE Util. If you want to send us a screenshot, we would be happy to help get you sorted out.

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  • John Pescatore

    I am having the same problem with Cable NPE, AppleTV, Wahoo Kickr SNAP and Wahoo HRM and Wahoo Cadence sensor.

    Everything will pair up with Zwift at the start, and the Cable LED flashes green. But, at some unpredicatable time later, the Cable LED starts flashing read and my Zwift avatar will stop pedaling and stop on the screen. Usually lasts for a second or two sometimes longer, then will start up again - but often fail again.

    Attached is a screen shot of the ANT - BLE assignment screen - and the scanning screen when connected to the Wahoo stuff.

    Thanks, John P.


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